Washer and Dryer Services

Bright Appliance Repair is your nearest and most reliable friend in all your washer & dryer needs. Therefore if you are in search of washer and dryer services, then you got yourself to the real professionals. At Bright Appliance Repair, we provide all types of washer and dryer services at cost-effective prices. We serve both commercial and residential customers. Bright Appliance Repair takes a lot of pride for servings thousands of customers successfully since customer satisfaction has always been our priority number one. Give us a call today on (805) 468-8020 let us know what in your head.

Why choose Bright Appliance Repair?

At Bright Appliance Repair, we uphold the highest level of expertise and professionalism and we are always fully equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done. Therefore our customers are guaranteed of quality service. Our company is fully licensed, insured and bonded. We provide our customers with free cost estimates. Also, our services are available all clock round.


We offer washer & dryer repair services

There is nothing more stressing as waking up to a faulty washer & dryer. Think about all that laundry that has piled up in your laundry room. In such a situation, your only wish is to have it repaired within the shortest time possible. At Bright Appliance Repair, we offer reliable and timely washer &dyer services. Your assistance is just one call away.

We offer fresh washer & dryer installation services

If you have just moved into a new home, then having a good and reliable washer &dryer is a worthy investment to consider. However, it is necessary to seek assistance from a reliable plumbing expert so that you make the right decision. Choose Bright Appliance Repair today, we advise our customers on the best makes and brands of washers and dryer and to clean installation work.



Our washer & dryer preventive maintenance services

At Bright Appliance Repair, we offer washer & dryer inspection services to make sure they are running smoothly all through. Our experts will examine your washer system thoroughly and provide you with a findings report. If a problem is found, we don’t hesitate to get it fixed promptly.