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Bright Appliance Repair Oxnard

Do you need an appliance repair technician around Oxnard? For quality and affordable professional appliance repair, contact Bright Appliance Repair. We are Oxnard best appliance Repair Company offering professional services to our customers. For the years that we have been in business, we have earned a great experience required for professional appliance repair services. We continue to offer to our customer’s outstanding services ensuring that the home use appliances remain in top useable condition.

Therefore, if you recently realized the poor performance of your microwave or even a strange sound that comes from the appliance, contact Bright Appliance Repair. We will deliver an outstanding high-quality service whenever you call upon us. We have trusted professional technicians offering in-home repair services. Therefore, when our technicians are the ones handling your appliances, enjoy peace of mind, as we will deliver on a good time and in the best working conditions. Here are some of the services that we offer to our customers.

Our Services

Refrigerator Repair Services in Oxnard

At Bright Appliance Repair, we hire technicians who have undergone extensive industrial training when it comes to refrigerator repair services. Therefore, we are able to offer our customers professional services when they need refrigeration repair services. We complete refrigeration repair within a short period using advanced equipment. when your refrigerator produces the humming noise or seems not to keep your food cool, contact our customer support desk so that a professional serviceman will be sent to help diagnose and repair the issue. Do not wait until the refrigerator has stopped working in order to have it fixed. Contact Bright Appliance Repair for a fast response or read more about our fridge & freezer services.


Garbage Disposal Services in Oxnard

Bright Appliance Repair is Oxnard preferred waste disposal repair contractor. If your garbage disposal unit is not functioning well, always contact us for professional repair services. Our highly qualified technicians will examine the unit and recommend the best repair approach. We work 24/7 ensuring that you are comfortable. Therefore, do not hold to that filthy smell coming from clogged waste disposal system Hire our technicians for a quick and efficient repair. We have the best equipment and tools used for repairing of the clogged waste disposal units. When you contact us, we respond on time ensuring that we serve you quickly.

Dish Washer Repair Services in Oxnard

When you need dishwasher repair services in Oxnard, contact Bright Appliance Repair. We are the leading appliances repair company serving Oxnard. We offer our customers a speedy response when they need a dishwasher repair technicians. For your peace of mind, we take it as our responsibility to come to you. thus, we will ensure we offer an in-home dishwasher repair service letting you enjoy the convenience that comes with the dishwasher. Upon fixing the dishwasher, we shall test it on site just to make sure it is fully functional.


Microwave Repair Services

Bright Appliance Repair is your licensed microwave repair company serving Oxnard. When your microwave stops functioning or is producing a funny sound, contact us for problem diagnosis and repair service. We fix different microwave types. Our technicians focus on ensuring efficient and affordability when repairing the microwave. Our technicians have years of experience in microwave repair services and so you can always trust us for professional services. We ensure a simple and hassle-free microwave repair. Thus, we will come to your home equipped with different tools and spare components in case the microwave requires replacement of some of the components.

Dryer Repair Services

For prompt professionals dryer repair service, contact Bright Appliance Repair. We offer an affordable service and we have technicians who are fully equipped. Hence, whenever you contact us, you are assured speedy response and efficient service delivery. We offer high-quality workmanship to ensure that your appliance works optimally. Read more about our washer & dryer services or give us a call!

Contact Bright Appliance Repair today for affordable appliance repair services. for general inquiries and service scheduling, call us on (805)468-8020.


What People Say

Bright Appliance Repair has been my go-to service in the Oxnard, California for about a month now. My refrigerator broke down, and I wanted to throw it away, but these guys helped me make it work again.
Jakob Nielsen

Bright Appliance Repair are magicians; they have turned my dead refrigerator into a working one within 30 minutes of work. My refrigerator had been down for about a week and Bright Appliance Repair has worked it all up for me.
Mary Kay

For a long time, I had been using another company, but I got to know about Bright Appliance Repair from a friend and needed some repairing to my freezer. I called them, and they provided me with the best service for the works.
Jason Smith